The RTDS® Simulator’s new Small Timestep to Substep conversion tool allows users to migrate cases that were developed in small timestep subnetworks to be migrated to the new substep environment.

Substep has several advantages for power electronic simulation, including no hard limit on the quantity of resistive switches, the option to avoid fictitious losses at higher switching frequencies without decoupling VSCs from the rest of the network, and more nodes allowed per subnetwork.

The conversion tool is easy to use — the user simply selects the RSCAD® draft case they wish to convert. Any issues with mismatching graphics (which may result in floating node/wire connections) or mismatching parameters are brought to the user’s attention in a warning message.

The RTDS Simulator development team is focused on providing access to upgrades as much as possible, easing the transition between modelling environments, software versions, or hardware generations for users. Learn more about the Substep environment and its advantages here.