Power and precision for a stronger grid

Wide area schemes & PMUs

De-risk WAMPAC systems by simulating
or testing PMUs

Wide area monitoring, protection, and control (WAMPAC) systems have great potential to provide real-time information on the health of the network via monitoring, and to significantly increase power security and reliability via protection and control actions. Transformative systems such as wide area protection and control are often off the table unless they come fully de-risked and validated.

The RTDS Simulator allows engineers to represent the behaviour of the network in real time, over a wide frequency range, enabling them to perform Hardware-in-the-Loop testing. Real-time simulation with WAMPAC schemes in a closed loop is the fastest and safest way to demonstrate operation, and mitigate risks prior to deployment.

Unmatched flexibility for WAMPAC test configurations

Virtual PMUs

Represent tens to hundreds of PMUs in a single simulation. Stream symmetrical component information for voltage and current to an external PDC via the IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 standard for synchrophasor data.

Physical PMUs

Send analogue voltage and current data from the simulation to a physical PMU and stream its resulting measurements via IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 to our test utility. Assess frequency, ROCOF, and total vector error.

Testing Sytems

Connect any protective relay with built-in PMU functions to the simulated network via analogue and digital I/O, IEC 61850, IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1, or other smart grid protocols for closed-loop protection testing.

Stream standard-compliant synchrophasor data with the RTDS Simulator

  • The RTDS Simulator’s GTNETx2 network interface card allows the streaming of PMU data to external devices via IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1
  • Reporting rates up to 240 frames per second reported
  • Flexible models: provide positive, negative, and zero sequence V & I data OR choose a larger number of PMUs to represent with positive sequence data only

Easy and fast testing of PMUs against the IEEE conformance requirements

The RTDS Simulator’s PMU Test Utility, created by synchrophasor experts, allows for straightforward and efficient testing of the electrical performance of PMUs. The IEEE Conformance Assessment Program (ICAP)’s Test Suite Specification parameters are included in the utility.The frequency, ROCOF, and total vector error of the PMU can be evaluated.

High-precision applications require a
high-precision time reference

The RTDS Simulator can be synchronized to an external time reference via 1PPS, IEEE 1588 PTP, or IRIG-B signals. In the absence of an external GPS clock, the RTDS Simulator can also create its own internal synchronization source.