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De-risk HVDC & FACTS systems

The RTDS Simulator allows engineers to model the behaviour of HVDC & FACTS devices over a large frequency range in real time. This allows for the highly efficient simulation of many different operating conditions, and for the hardware-in-the-loop testing of HVDC & FACTS control systems.

The RTDS Simulator is used by all of the major HVDC & FACTS manufacturers to perform Factory Systems Testing of their control systems prior to deployment on the utility grid. This dramatically reduces the risk of misoperation or negative interaction with other converters or the AC network. 

Factory systems

Ongoing operation and control modification

Grid integration risk analysis and mitigation

Grid code compliance demonstration

AC system 
interaction studies


Post-commissioning event diagnostics

Control operator

The fastest and most flexible way to validate novel schemes

The RTDS Simulator’s HVDC & FACTS models are robust, flexible, and representative of emerging technologies in the power system industry.

  • LCC models with internal and external valve faults
  • 2- and 3-level VSC models switching in the 50 kHz + range 
  • Custom-topology MMC models with up to 1,024 submodules per valve 
  • Firing pulse and ramp generators
  • HVDC & FACTS sample cases to demonstrate configuration options to the user
Benchmark point-to-point HVDC system model

The leaders' choice for factory systems testing

Trans Bay Cable

The world’s first ever MMC-based HVDC system, an 85 km submarine cable located in the San Francisco Bay Area, was tested prior to deployment using the RTDS Simulator.

Operador Nacional do Sistema Eletrico​

The longest transmission link in the world, the 2,375 km Rio Madeira LCC-HVDC line, is coordinated and controlled by this Brazilian utility. The controls for this project were tested exclusively on the RTDS Simulator.

Power Grid Corporation of India

North-East Agra – the world’s first ever multi-terminal UHVDC transmission link – includes four terminals in three converter stations with a total capacity of over 8,000 MW. This Indian utility trusted the RTDS Simulator for control testing.

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