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RTDS Digital Substations & IEC 31850

Connect Intelligent Electronic Devices to the simulated power system via communication protocols

Hardware-in-the-loop testing provides a safe, flexible environment for the testing of digital substation components, either individually or as a whole system, prior to deployment. This allows engineers to examine the effects of protection misoperation due to risks such as dropped data packets before installation on the utility network.

Sampled Values and GOOSE Messaging: How it works

A network interface card (the GTNETx2 card) receives data from the power system simulation via optical fibre and transmits it – in standard-compliant packets – to external IEDs via the process or station bus. The card is bidirectional and can also provide data from external devices to the simulated network.

  • IEC 61850-9-2LE Sampled Values – up to 256 samples/cycle supported
  • IEC 61869-9 – up to 80 samples/cycle supported with < 10 μs jitter
  • IEC 61580 GOOSE Messaging, including built-in SCD editor for configuration
  • IEC 61850 MMS Server simulation
  • Time-stamping via synchronization to an external or internal GPS clock

Specialized solutions built by protection experts,
for protection experts​

Dynamically change and monitor the Test Mode, Needs Commissioning, and individual Quality Bitmaps of GOOSE Messages

Simulate packet loss, unwanted delay, out of order packets, and loss of synchronization events

Simulate IED performance variation via data quality manipulation

IEC 61850-compliant relays from a huge variety of manufacturers have been successfully tested with the RTDS Simulator

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