User Spotlight Series

11-week webinar based event that showcases the work of RTDS Simulator Users around the world! All presentations are available to watch on demand!
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Connect virtually with RTDS users around the globe

What to Expect

The User Spotlight Series was a webinar-based event that showcased the work of RTDS Simulator Users worldwide every week from September to November 2020. You can now watch the series on YouTube! Each webinar includes two 20-minute presentations from users, followed by a live Q&A, plus commentary from RTDS Technologies. Adapted from our popular in-person User’s Group Meetings, the virtual User Spotlight Series is your opportunity to hear user success stories, learn about their challenges, and explore new applications.

Series available on demand!

Topic: Feasibility Study for the Implementation of a Digital Twin in a Low-Voltage Grid Area

Presenter: Timo Wagner, FAU

Topic: HIL Validation of Power Plant Controller Model

Presenter: Om Nayak, Nayak Corp


Topic: Demonstration of Partially and Fully Selective Protection for Multiterminal HVDC Systems

Presenters: Geraint Chaffey, KU Leuven; Habibur Rahman, National HVDC Centre

Topic: A Case Study On Comparative Analysis of Traveling Wave Based Protection Methods using RTDS Sub-Step Environment

Presenter: Rahul Kadavil, New York Power Authority AGILe Lab

Topic: Compensated Distribution Networks for Reducing Wildfire Risk in California

Presenter: Franz Stadmueller, PG&E

Topic: Use of Real Time Digital Simulator in Transmission Protection Department at Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Presenter: Abdul Azeem Mohammad, DEWA

Topic: Real time simulation for PHiL applications in a microgrid testbed

Presenter: Simon Resch, FAU

Topic: Design and Validation of a Wide Area Monitoring and Control System for Fast Frequency Response in future Low Inertia Systems

Presenters: Ibrahim Abdulhadi and
Qiteng Hong, Strathclyde University

Topic: CEN Works On Real Time Simulation

Presenter: Simón Veloso Rivera, CEN

Topic: ONS Experience on the Integration and Operation of a Laboratory Facility with Four Different HVDC Links Manufacturers

Presenters: João J Oliveria and Alex de Castro, ONS

Topic: Grid integration of DER supported by PHIL and CHIL simulation: NTUA experiences

Presenter: Panos Kotsampopoulos, NTUA

Topic: Enhanced Multi-mass Model in RSCAD

Presenter: Robert Dimitrovski, FAU

Topic: Multi-Time Scale Real-Time Voltage and VAR Control using Real-Time Co-Simulations Platform

Presenter: Shailendra Singh, IIT BHU

Topic: RTDS-Based Supervisory Control Performance Verification for the AC Multiple-Microgrid Systems

Presenter: Arman Ghasaei, University of Toronto

Topic: Development of the New Method for Transmission of Current and Voltage Measurements in Accordance with IEC 61850 Providing Reduction of the Traffics to the "Process Bus"

Presenter: Dmitrii Blagorazumov, MPEI

Topic: Monitoring Analysis and Control of Power Grids using WAMS

Presenter: Devesh Shukla, IIT BHU

Topic: Development of a Current Transformer Model with Saturation Characteristics

Presenter: Yeong Geun Kim, Myongi University

Topic: Automatic voltage regulators and power system stabilizers’ digital models verification experience using frequency responses obtained by RTDS

Presenter: Aleksandr Zelenin, NTC EES

Topic: De-Risking the Deployment of HVDC Projects at The National HVDC Centre

Presenters: Benjamin Marshall and Bharath Ponnalagan, The National HVDC Centre

Topic: Data-Driven Large-Scale High-Fidelity Real-Time Simulation at Manitoba Hydro Real-Time Simulation Centre (MHSC)

Presenter: Chun Fang, Manitoba Hydro

Topic: SEL POWERMAX Validation using RTDS

Presenter: Asad Mohammad, Schweitzer Engineering Labs

Topic: Experiences with using the RTDS Simulator as a Tool in University Undergraduate Teaching

Presenter: Bruce Rigby, etalumiSe