KBVE Conference – Real-time Simulation for HVDC Systems

Learn more about real-time simulation for HVDC systems at the KBVE Conference!

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Date: October 19, 2022

Venue: Blue
Point – Boulevard Emile de Laveleye 191 – 4020 Liège (Turquoise room)

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SRBE/KBVE organizes several study days per year on the most diverse
subjects related to energy and electricity, their applications and other
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Each study day is elaborated by a task force of specialists that selects highly reputable lecturers on the subject. The study days are also designed in such a way that a fruitful dialogue can take place between the creators and the users of the didactic materials.

Join Udeesha Samarasekera, a simulation engineer at RTDS Technologies, for a presentation on real-time simulation for HVDC systems!



Udeesha Samarasekera

Simulation Engineer & Technical Support
with RTDS Technologies Inc.


Udeesha received her B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada in 2013. She received a M.A.Sc in electrical engineering from University of Toronto, Canada in 2015. In 2013 and 2015 Udeesha won the CIGRE Canada best student paper award for her work on fault location estimation techniques on transmission lines under high dc offset and sub-harmonic conditions, and for her master’s work on hybrid HVDC transmission with LCC and multi-terminal full bridge MMC converter technology, respectively. Following graduation, Udeesha joined RTDS Technologies Inc as a Simulation Specialist in the customer support department. She was involved in technical support, commissioning the RTDS at customer sites, providing RTDS training courses, and model development.  As of 2022, Udeesha serves as a Technical Sales Engineer at RTDS technologies Inc. Udeesha is a registered professional engineer in the province of Manitoba.


"Real-time simulation for HVDC systems: from design to operation"

Wed. Oct. 19, 2022 from 9–12:30

Abstract: This presentation will explore the important roles both
real-time simulators and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing play in HVDC projects worldwide. Real-time simulation is a critical tool for de-risking HVDC and FACTS schemes from the perspective of utilities and system operators, HVDC equipment manufacturers, and research institutions. The technology is currently used by all of the major manufacturers for Factory Acceptance Testing of HVDC projects, and an increasing number of utilities operate HVDC replica simulators to assist during project commissioning and investigate changes to the scheme or network. HIL testing allows power system professionals to de-risk the integration of novel systems, anticipate and mitigate negative interactions, and optimize device performance by connecting real devices to a simulated network.

Real-time simulation provides a depth of analysis as well as systems-level testing approaches that are highly beneficial in modern power systems. The Integration of converter-based technologies can create vulnerabilities and interactions that conventional modelling and testing processes are blind to.
HIL testing allows engineers to anticipate these issues, and provides unique application guidance which prevents costly and dangerous misoperation.


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“SRBE/KBVE aims to be a catalyst and a facilitator between different stakeholders in the energy world to succeed in this transition.

The basic mission of SRBE/KBVE is the exchange of knowledge and experience between the actors in the energy community. SRBE/KBVE can tap into an extensive reservoir of knowledge and experience through its members.

That is why SRBE/KBVE is the main catalyst for stimulating the necessary innovations to implement the federal and regional energy pacts in Belgium, specifically aimed to benefit the actors in the innovation chain (researchers, technology suppliers, producers, system administrators, market parties, consumers, regulators and governments). The association offers a platform to its members who wish to share their knowledge and to enter into a dialogue about this process.

Today we are facing both Energy Transition and Digital Transition. SRBE/KBVE has already played a role in these transitions, by organizing since several years a significant number of Study Days on these subjects and issuing reviews of related subjects in his Journal (the so-called “E-Review”).”


De-risking HVDC integration

Join RTDS Technologies and Great Britain’s National HVDC Centre for an on-demand webinar!

We’ll explain the principles of real-time simulation, outline international experience on hardware-in-the-loop testing for de-risking the integration of power system technologies, and highlight practical considerations using the case study of an HVDC scheme with multi-terminal design.

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