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Welcome to our training video library

We now offer a series of video training resources for RTDS Simulator users. These videos walk users through the hardware setup process, go through the tutorial chapters for the RSCAD FX software, and explore various applications of the RTDS Simulator, including hardware-in-the-loop testing setups. New and experienced users alike will find videos to expand and improve their usage of the RTDS Simulator. Each video page includes a contact form which can be used to submit questions regarding the training video content.

To access the training videos, please register for a Video Resource Library account by clicking the button below, or log into your existing account.

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  • RSCAD FX Demo Videos

    These videos offer a thorough introduction to the RSCAD FX graphical user interface, with a focus on features of the...
  • Introduction to EMT Simulation

    This video offers a brief explanation of electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation and real-time operation – important fundamentals to understand prior...
Hardware installation
  • NovaCor Chassis

    This video explains how to set up a standalone NovaCor chassis that is not mounted in a cubicle. The following...
  • NovaCor Cubicle

    This video explains how to set up two NovaCor chassis which are installed in a NovaCor cubicle, including point-to-point connection...
  • I/O Cards

    This video explains how to install and set up I/O cards for the RTDS Simulator. The following topics are covered:...

    This video will provide instructions on how to setup the GTFPGA unit which is the FPGA based hardware component for...
Introductory tutorial