The Giga Transceiver Workstation InterFace card, GTWIF, is a PPC405 based processor card. The primary function of the GTWIF is to handle communication between the RTDS power system simulator and the host computer workstation. This is done using Ethernet (10/100baseT) TCP/IP based communications.

GTWIF provides the following functions:

  • Loading, starting and stopping cases
  • Timestep generation
  • Inter-rack synchronization together with the Global Bus Hub (GBH)
  • Coordination of all backplane transfers during simulation
  • Rack hardware diagnostics
  • All communication with RSCAD (diagnostic and simulation data)

GTWIF Specifications

  • 10/100 Base Tx Ethernet communications
  • VxWorks OS running on a PPC405
  • Global bus for multi-rack simulation
  • Proprietary bus controller for VME backplane
  • 6 2GBd optical ports for Inter-Rack communication
  • 2 2GBd optical ports for future expansion
  • USB accessible from the front panel for system diagnostics and configuration
  • LED displays on the face plate for simulation and configuration information


The GTWIF card is the current generation of what was previously the WIF card. The GTWIF has many advantages over the previous card, including:

  • The GTWIF allows a 60 ns backplane transfer rate when using the PB5 or GPC (1.32 or newer). The increased backplane transfer rate allows the size of the network solution to be increased. However, the GTWIF can still support the 3PC (including all peripherals) and the IRC version 3 at the previous backplane transfer rate.
  • The GTWIF facilitates inter-rack communication. The GTWIF includes six Gigabit Transceiver (GT) optical ports through which inter-rack data is exchanged. The links run at 2GBd over 62.5/125 µm multi-mode fiber using a proprietary protocol.

Hardware Exchange Program

Customers who participate in our Hardware Extended Warranty Program are eligible for the hardware exchange program. The GTWIF card is included in our hardware exchange program. This means that customers can exchange old WIF and IRC cards to receive a 50% reduction in the purchase price of GTWIF cards. Several of our other hardware items are also included in this program.


Download the GTWIF product information sheet.