Over twenty-five years of power systems and power electronics modelling expertise

The RTDS Simulator has been the world's benchmark for performing real-time power system simulations for nearly three decades.

We’ve been able to maintain this status due to a dedicated in-house team of world-class power systems modelling experts. Our RSCAD software’s modelling library is the single most diverse, flexible, and accurate real-time simulation library available.

Customer-based innovation

We have the resources and expertise to make specific models and features a reality for customers. Many of our existing models were created for ambitious users with a specific application in mind.

Unmatched user support

Our team of engineers is intimately familiar with each component and can provide prompt and comprehensive user support. Our support goes beyond simple troubleshooting, focusing on providing the user with confidence that the simulation is valid and accurate.

Industry-leading features and options

Experts have crafted our components to offer responses and configurations of real systems based on experience with customers around the globe. More options for faults, access to internal nodes, and custom topologies than you’ll find anywhere else.

Featured models unique to RSCAD

A travelling wave relay installed in a substation

Small timestep frequency dependent T-line​

Accurately represent the frequency dependency of a travelling wave T-line model at timesteps in the single microsecond range. Ideal for testing travelling wave protective relays.

Modular multilevel converters

Represent up to 1024 submodules in half/full bridge or hybrid configurations. All possible IGBT firing states are considered. Includes customized topologies and internal faults.

All-electric ship

Multi-phase synchronous machine

Include as few as 2 and as many as 12 phases. Access the neutral and both ends of the stator windings. Ideal for electric traction and marine applications.

Newest Features

A convenient module for creating user-defined models, built into RSCAD

RSCAD’s Component Builder module allows the real-time code for any custom component to be created in C. The graphics and data entry menus are created using drawing facilities and GUI input. The same Component Builder module available to users has been used by the RTDS Technologies team to develop most of the models found in RSCAD.

Library overview

You can access a high-level list of the power system, power electronics, controls, and automation components available in the RSCAD library in our knowledge base or by contacting us. As a quick reference, you can expect to find many variations on the following:

  • Travelling wave transmission lines and cables
  • Synchronous and induction machines
  • Transformers including saturation and hysteresis
  • Distributed generation (solar, wind, battery, fuel cell)
  • 6- and 12-pulse LCC valve groups
  • Series and static VAR compensation
  • Instrument transformers

Learn more about the Power System Component Library 

  • 2 and 3 level VSCs (resistively switched)
  • Point to point and back to back VSCs
  • MMC valve and control models
  • Firing pulse and ramp generators
  • Lines, machines, transformers and loads for full small timestep circuit simulation
  • Multifunction distance, overcurrent, differential, and generator relay models
  • Symmetrical components, impedance measurement with sequence components
  • Breaker control with sync check, OLTC control
  • COMTRADE file playback
  • Communications protocols including IEC 61850 Sampled Values, GOOSE Messages, MODBUS, IEEE C37.118, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, TCP/UDP sockets

Learn more about the Protection and Automation Library

  • Logic, sequencing, trigonometric and math functions
  • IEEE generator, governor, and PSS models
  • MATLAB/Simulink component conversion

Learn more about the Control System Library

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