RTDS Technologies featured in HVDC Video

RTDS Technologies featured in HVDC Video


In March 2017, Scotland’s National HVDC Centre will open its doors. The state-of-the-art training and simulation facility will focus its research on HVDC transmission – and the RTDS Simulator is at the heart of the operation. A new video, filmed on site at the Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference in Manchester, UK, explains the significance of the National HVDC Centre and the critical role that the RTDS Simulator will play in it.


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De-risking the system – “In the next ten to twenty years, the UK is going to build many, many HVDC stations – mainly to evacuate wind power from North to South, from sources of generation to major load centres,” says Dr. Norman MacLeod, Technical Director HVDC at Parsons Brinckerhoff. “There will be so many stations… built by multiple vendors with different technologies. What we need to be concerned about is potential risk of maloperation of these multiple converters. We don’t want any risk to the GB network. So, one way to de-risk the system is to study it in advance. Take the actual hardware controllers, bring them to the National HVDC Centre which we’ve established in Cumbernauld, and prove it.”

An insurance and planning tool – “The RTDS is a tool – an engineering tool – that allows you to represent electrical networks and simulate them in real time,” says Paul Forsyth, Vice President Marketing and Sales at RTDS Technologies. “And what that allows the Centre to do is to connect real physical controls that would normally be used to control the actual HVDC system… And because it’s a modelled environment, we can put all kinds of different operating conditions in place, and see how the controls are going to react when they’re installed in the real network. So it’s an insurance and planning tool that’s going to be utilized at the Centre to see how the grid will perform as it’s developed and as new schemes are added to the network.”

The National HVDC Centre will feature a 9 rack RTDS Simulator containing 45 PB5 processor cards and 15 MMC Support Units for the simulation of Modular Multi-level Converters. The Centre will also be home to vendor-supplied Multi-Terminal HVDC Replica Controls. The goal of the National HVDC Centre is to be a collaborative facility and a hub for knowledge exchange, renowned for its support of HVDC transmission solutions in Great Britain. We are so pleased that the RTDS Simulator will be a part of this groundbreaking project.

The RTDS Simulator is also featured in both issues of the National HVDC Centre’s Newsletter, which can be accessed here.

You can learn more about the Centre at http://www.hvdccentre.com.