The RTDS® Simulator’s new flywheel and pumped hydro storage sample cases, which are fully documented, provide a launch point for users looking to explore mechanical energy storage applications.

The pumped hydro storage case is based on a variable speed doubly-fed induction machine (DFIM) system. The machine, grid-side and rotor-side converters, and PWM firing pulse generation are modelled in the Substep environment in the 2-3 microsecond range.

Detailed controls for both converters and the turbine/pump and multimass are included. The flywheel case models the wheel as an additional mass added to the rotor of a permanent magnetic synchronous machine (PMSM), and includes a back-to-back converter and firing pulse generator modelled in the 2-3 microsecond range.

Field-oriented controls for the motor- and grid-side converters are included. Both cases include average value model (AVM) versions, which reduce the quantity of simulation hardware required to run the case, and represent converter behaviour accurately while neglecting switching transients. The cases can be found in the “Samples” directory that comes with the RSCAD® software, among over 100 other options.