RTDS Technologies to provide record-breaking simulator to China’s SGEPRI/NARI

RTDS Technologies to provide record-breaking simulator to China’s SGEPRI/NARI

36 NovaCor units will be added to the existing simulator installation at SGEPRI / NARI, making NARI the owner of the world’s largest and most capable real time power system simulator


After the record-breaking expansion project, NARI’s RTDS Simulator will contain 40 NovaCor chassis

RTDS Technologies has been selected as the provider of a record-breaking expansion project to the real time power system simulation laboratory at State Grid Electric Power Research Institute (SGEPRI) / NARI in Nanjing, China. The project will see 36 NovaCor units added to the existing simulation facility, giving the laboratory a total of 40 NovaCor units and 16 GTWIF/PB5-based racks. This makes NARI’s RTDS Simulator the world’s largest and most capable real time power system simulator.

RTDS Technologies won the project, having competed with HYPERSIM as marketed by OPAL-RT and Keliang Technology. NARI’s many years of successful experience with the technology and world class simulation support from the manufacturer meant that the RTDS Simulator emerged as the technology of choice.

NARI was an early adopter of real time power system simulation, having been one of the first two companies in China to invest in RTDS Simulator hardware over twenty years ago. Over time, NARI acquired 16 RTDS Simulator racks which have been successfully used to support their work in the design and functional and dynamic testing of protection, automation, control, HVDC, and FACTS systems. More recently, upon the release of the new generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator, NARI acquired 4 NovaCor™ units to increase their simulation capabilities.

The record-breaking expansion project at NARI will see the addition of 36 NovaCor units to the existing simulation facility. NovaCor is the most powerful generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator – based on a multicore processor, the NovaCor platform allows users to simulate larger and more complex networks than ever before. NARI’s RTDS Simulator is now capable of simulating systems comprised of more than 3600 three-phase buses and 20 HVDC links. The simulation hardware will be the critical tool at the heart of NARI’S SGCC System Protection Key Lab, where it will be used for validating system-level protection schemes, including wide area protection and control, AC and multiple HVDC coordination, and system stability control. NARI is among many of the world’s leading research, development, and testing institutes adopting the NovaCor technology to enhance their real time power system simulation capabilities.

Throughout the last twenty years, the RTDS Simulator has played a key role in the rapid and successful expansion of China’s power system infrastructure, allowing in-depth investigation and study of some of the most complex and interdependent power systems in the world. All of the HVDC and UHVDC links in China have been tested using the RTDS Simulator, including Tian-Guang, Gui-Guang, Yun-Guang UHVDC, Shang-Shan UHVDC, Ji-Quan UHVDC, Ling-Shao UHVDC, and Jiu-Hu UHVDC. More recently, as complex, modular multi-level converters (MMC) have emerged as a critical technology in the HVDC field, the RTDS Simulator has been used in the control and interaction studies of all MMC-based HVDC projects in China. This includes Zhou-Shan 5 Terminal MMC HVDC, Xia-Men Bipole MMC HVDC, Luo-Ping Back to Back MMC HVDC, Yu-E MMC HVDC Links, and more.

The RTDS Simulator will meet NARI’s requirement that the 16 existing simulator racks be compatible with the new hardware supplied for the project. NovaCor is fully compatible with the previous GTWIF-based racks. NARI can leverage this compatibility to perform very large-scale simulations involving all simulation equipment on site simultaneously if desired. RTDS Technologies’ design philosophy, which ensures compatibility between hardware generations, will allow NARI to use the combined system to the best of its capability.

RTDS Technologies will provide comprehensive on site training as well as ongoing simulation support services in order to ensure that NARI continues to make successful use of real time simulation to support the development and critical testing of their equipment. RTDS Technologies is proud to be supporting NARI in the establishment of a world class simulation facility for these critical design and operational studies.