Discover new features and exciting upgrades inside our reimagined proprietary simulation software

RSCAD® FX is the latest and most advanced version of our proprietary simulation software, boasting new features, exciting upgrades, and a modern aesthetic. Powered by the RTDS® Simulator, RSCAD FX is the next evolution in the industry’s most advanced real-time digital simulation software.

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Upgrades and New Features

User Interface

  • The layout of RSCAD FX is centered around configurable tabs, which can be resized, moved, or undocked for a customizable user experience.
  • The user can easily switch between multiple case tabs, moving components from one case to another.
  • An all-new suite of standard Windows keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality makes using RSCAD FX very intuitive.
  • A new suite of standard Windows-based shortcuts – and drag-and-drop functionality – enables copying and pasting, manipulating components, and toggling various features in a fast an intuitive way.
A sleek, modern, and user-friendly interface débuts with RSCAD FX

Library Layout

  • The master library layout and organization in RSCAD FX has been substantially revised – it is now much easier to navigate and search.
  • Components are displayed as convenient tiles — with the actual component diagram viewable by hovering over the tile — and can be dragged onto a case.
  • An improved search functionality is accessible via the library toolbar.
  • Library components can be conveniently filtered by simulation environment or phasing.
The master library layout boasts easier navigation and better organization

Wire Mode

  • Wire mode allows a user to easily add wires and/or jumpers to a case using only the mouse.
  • It significantly reduces the amount of time required to connect components together.


  • The new Auto-Naming feature automatically increments component and signal names to avoid duplicates.
  • Auto-Naming allows users to easily add many unique bus/node labels and like components to their case and significantly reduces related compile errors.

Quick Access Toolbar

  • Commonly used components can be quickly added to a case via the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Components can be dragged from the toolbar into a case. A component can be clicked once to be stuck to the mouse, or twice if the user wishes to place the same component repeatedly.

RSCAD FX Conversion Utility

  • A new file format for RSCAD FX has been introduced.
  • Draft files will now have the file extension .dfx instead of .dft.
  • When trying to open a .dft file in RSCAD FX, the RSCAD FX Conversion Utility is automatically launched.


  • More of RSCAD FX’s functionality is accessible through toolbars and/or menus compared to previous versions of the software.
  • There is a toolbar for the main RSCAD FX window and there are individual toolbars for the different tabs.
  • The toolbars are generally user configurable.

Consolidated Settings

  • In RSCAD FX, many settings have been consolidated so that they are easier to find.
  • There are two categories of settings:
    • Global Settings – applied to the whole RSCAD FX application and are accessible from the menu and toolbar of the main application
    • Case Settings – applied to a specific case and are accessible from a Case tab’s menu and toolbar
Looking for More?

Access the full summary of upgrades and additions by launching RSCAD FX > Help > Quick Start Guide.