Our warranty & maintenance program makes for a productive life-cycle

NovaCor component ready for RTDS Technologies warranty and maintenance

Our warranty & maintenance program makes for a happy life-cycle

After-sales support is a priority for RTDS Technologies. Our real time simulator is a complex system made up of custom hardware and software components. Our extended warranty and maintenance program is our commitment to ensuring ease of use and eliminating equipment downtime. Our ability to comprehensively maintain our own product, as it is developed entirely in-house and without third-party modules, is a great advantage for our users.

RTDS Technologies is proud to offer full support to customers with hardware or software from many development generations ago.

Hardware extended warranty: eliminating downtime

Available to all customers for a low annual fee.

  • Repair or replacement of any faulty part of the RTDS Simulator (parts and labour)
  • Zero deductible
  • Participating customers are eligible for our world-class hardware exchange program

Our hardware exchange program allows participating customers to receive significant price reductions on the purchase of new hardware by exchanging their previous-generation hardware. This has been a huge advantage for many of our customers, allowing them to keep their RTDS Simulator current.

"RTDS Technologies has supported our efforts with prompt repair or replacement for the few component failures that we have experienced."
Florida State University Centre for Advanced Power Systems (USA)

Software maintenance: keeping it current (and always compatible)

Available free of charge, perpetually, to non-commercial users and on a low annual fee basis for others.

  • Access to new features and models as they are released (the user will always have the most recent version of the software)
  • Access to patches and bug fixes
  • Unlimited simulation support via email and phone

Because our software is an all-in-one package, users are worry-free when it comes to compatibility issues. No third party modules are required, and all software support comes from RTDS Technologies.