Equipping users to succeed is part of the RTDS difference

Instructor training engineers on using the RTDS Simulator

A proud reputation of extensive support
for more than 25 years

We take care of our partners with comprehensive training for new users by equipping them from the outset with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in their simulation projects.

To ensure they get the best possible use out of the RTDS Simulator, we provide the most technical simulation support program in the industry.

Trainees receiving in-depth support from a simulation specialist

Ongoing training opportunities: meaningful experience maximizes equipment use

Included with each RTDS Simulator is a one week on-site training course with two RTDS Technologies personnel at the customer’s location. Each course is customized to meet the specific needs of the user.

The RTDS Technologies experts who install and commission the simulator are committed to providing an immersive and meaningful training experience.

Training takeaways

Independently build and run simulation cases with the RSCAD software

Configure components to accurately represent your power system of interest

Use I/O to safely connect the simulator to external equipment with confidence

Basic troubleshooting and maintenance of the hardware

The best simulation support in the industry

No user left behind

Our simulation support program is available free of charge, perpetually, to non-commercial users and on a low annual fee basis for others. 

The fact we developed  our hardware and software in-house means that the dedicated support engineers at RTDS Technologies are capable of very quickly and comprehensively solving all problems relating to the technology.

RTDS Simulator users receiving training

RTDS Technologies support services include

Troubleshooting and quickly mitigating hardware or software bugs

Identifying and diagnosing errors in circuit configuration

Developing new components or features based on customer requests

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