Hot Topic: PSCAD – RSCAD Conversion Tool

Hot Topic: PSCAD – RSCAD Conversion Tool

PSCAD to RSCAD Conversion Tool

Want to SAVE TIME converting PSCAD cases to RSCAD for real time simulation? If your answer is “YES!”, then you’ll be excited to learn about our new feature, the PSCAD to RSCAD conversion tool, which was introduced in our latest software release, RSCAD v5.003.

PSCAD to RSCAD conversion tool

Some of the many features achieved within the tool are:

  • Translates single or multiple PSCAD (.pscx) files at once
  • Locate feature for error/warning messages: Opens the PSCAD case and locates the component of concern.
  • Change simulation parameters: rack number, time-step, nodes/network, naming entities
  • Graphical view: Easily move components within or between racks, and create multi-rack simulations!
  • View the transmission line/cable lengths to easily determine optimal locations for subsystem splitting.
  • View the number of nodes and loads for each hierarchy box
  • Create user-defined scripts to specify how PSCAD components are translated to RSCAD: ideal for new or custom components.

In this quick video demonstration below, I’m going to show you how easy it is to convert a PSCAD case to RSCAD. Please note that this video does not demonstrate all the features of the tool. Please review the user guide within the conversion tool for more information.


Download RSCADv5.003 to have access to this brand new feature along with several other new and exciting features: GPES, and PASuite!

If you have any questions about the PSCAD to RSCAD conversion tool, please contact our support team

Author: Udeesha Samarasekera, December 2017