Thailand’s largest electric power company adds more RTDS capabilities as it modernizes its grid
RTDS Simulator at PEA. Photo supplied by PEA.

Thailand’s largest electric power company is getting a powerful upgrade.

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), which provides power and related services to 99.98% of Thailand’s territory with over 17 million customers, has taken on more simulation equipment from RTDS Technologies as it further develops its smart grid.

Since 2012, PEA has used RTDS Technologies’ PB5-based simulator in its training centre, where it conducts protective relay testing and substation operator training. Now, PEA substantially expanded its capabilities by adding a NovaCor-based simulator to its headquarters.

This robust upgrade will allow its engineers to test external hardware such as protective relays via IEC 61850, in addition to conventional relay testing with low- and high-voltage digital interface panels, and the analogue output card. PEA also has the ability to synchronize its simulator to an external time reference, such as a GPS clock, which is key for applications like IEC 61850 Sampled Values.

PEA’s upgraded equipment is an exciting and important addition. Thailand’s power system is undergoing a digital transformation, as its legacy grid contains hardware that is becoming increasingly harder to source, or requires further efficiencies to power a growing population. With its new NovaCor, PEA can safely and efficiently conduct various research projects without disrupting its services, helping make grid modernization achievable.

Working together to ensure the future of Thailand’s power grid, RTDS Technologies’ Thai representative — Unipower Engineering — has supported PEA’s commercial and technical needs while providing its team with training and ongoing support. Learn more about Unipower Engineering at unipowerengineering.co.th.

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