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  • GTNETx2: the powerful new network interface card

    December 17, 2014

    The GTNETx2 card is the latest generation of the Gigabit Transceiver Network Interface card (GTNET). It features significant performance enhancements over the previous version:

    • Capable of operating 2 network protocols simultaneously
    • Runs 5 to 10 times faster than the previous GTNET card
    • Firmware upgrades directly through RSCAD interface

    The GTNETx2 comes loaded with the newly developed Socket protocol, as well as one other protocol of the user’s choice. Socket is used to interface with external software and physical equipment over a Local or Wide Area Network connection using TCP or UDP sockets. The communication is bidirectional and asynchronous. Socket is capable of sending up to 300 data points per packet, with each point defined over 4 bytes. The data transmitted can be of either integer or floating-point (IEEE 754) type.

    Users who participate in the extended hardware warranty program are encouraged to upgrade their GTNET cards under the RTDS Technologies hardware exchange program. Each GTNET card can be exchanged for one GTNETx2 card at a 50% price reduction.

    RTDS Technologies Inc.
  • December issue of the RTDS News

    December 15, 2014

    The December 2014 issue of RTDS News is now available. It features a guest article on the cutting-edge power grid cyber security testbed at the Information Trust Institute, University of Illinois; the Fiber Enhanced Backplane and the Socket protocol for the GTNET card. You can find it here.

    RTDS Technologies Inc.