RTDS simulator hardware device is shown in glowing lights.

The RTDS® Simulator’s usage logging feature allows simulator owner/operators to conveniently keep track of how their institution’s simulation hardware is being used. Once the feature has been enabled via the RSCAD software’s Tools menu and a suitable database has been specified, the logging tool will automatically record the simulation Start and Stop times, duration in milliseconds, and the user’s IP address for any simulations run on the system. The case filename is also recorded.

This feature may be helpful for simulator administrators who would benefit from the ability to precisely track resource usage by particular projects or users. It was designed to satisfy requests from major institutions who use the RTDS Simulator as a critical tool, often for multiple projects simultaneously. It may also be helpful for users with limited simulation hardware who wish to track and schedule usage to make the most of their available resources.

Users should note that the IT administrator at your institution may need to be involved in enabling this feature. More details are provided in the Usage Logging help document in RSCAD.