Team RTDS Takes 1st Place at MYM2018!

Team RTDS wins 1st Place at the University of Manitoba’s Make Your Move Challenge!


For the second consecutive year, RTDS Technologies joined the University of Manitoba’s Make Your Move challenge organised by WISE Kid-Netic Energy. Sixty grade 8 girls gathered at the University of Manitoba Engineering Atrium to design a device which will help a person with less mobility in their hands to grasp, let go, and move objects from one location to another, while also extending their reach by at least 30cm. Each team was mentored by a local female engineer and our Udeesha Samarasekera mentored the RTDS team of girls from Samuel Burland School! Udeesha loved their positive energy, teamwork, and determination as they narrowed down on their final design. Team RTDS received a total of 145 points landing them at 1st place with a whopping lead of 46 points!

The success of the team boiled down to these four concepts:

  1. Getting a clear picture of the objectives and desired outcome: Team RTDS discussed the objectives and studied the objects that they had to pick up even before finalizing their first design!
  2. Designing with the end-user in mind: This device helps someone with less mobility in their hands. With enthusiasm, one of the girls said, “I only have to move my thumb to operate this device!” During lunch break, her face lit up as she easily picked up her pop can and took a sip!
  3. Keeping on schedule: Team RTDS aimed for simplicity which allowed them to have plenty of time for testing and re-design within the 1.5hr time limit.
  4. Testing and Re-design. Team RTDS based their design on successful devices such as kitchen tongs, and crucible tongs. The girls suggested that the end of the device should have a large surface area with the perimeter studded with hot-glue for gripping objects. In the testing phase, they saw that some objects slipped out of their grasp. They rushed back to add toothpick “teeth” along the perimeter which did the trick!



 The girls had lots of fun and learned important concepts from this design challenge! The event was held in conjunction with International Women’s Day to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history. We know that the girls in Team RTDS have a bright future ahead of them!