Model Monday: Embedded Breakers in the Transformer Component

Model Monday: Embedded Breakers in the Transformer Component

This is the first part of a two-part Model Monday post series about RSCAD’s three phase, two winding transformer model. Tune in for the next part on Monday, September 12!

In this Model Monday post, we will focus on the embedded breakers that can be included in RSCAD’s transformer model.

There is the option to include embedded breakers in the transformer component. The embedded breaker can be used to replace the stand alone breaker component on the primary side. The advantage of this is it will reduce the number of nodes being used in the subsystem. There is a maximum number of single−phase nodes allowed per subsystem and it is dependent on the type of RTDS hardware being used. In larger cases if the node limit is reached, using embedded breakers is one way to reduce the nodes per subsystem. Embedded nodes can be monitored in the transformer component. The circuit with the embedded breaker can be seen below.


The embedded breaker can be included on winding #1 (#2) by going into the transformer WINDING #1 (#2) tab and switching “Enable Winding #1 (#2) Breaker?” to “Yes.” The breaker control word is the same as the individual breaker model.