Learn about the RTDS® Simulator’s representative in Greece
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The Meet the Reps series is dedicated to highlighting the outstanding people and companies who represent the RTDS Simulator around the world. Global Reps are involved in distributing the RTDS Simulator, supporting commissioning and training efforts, providing local support to users, attending conferences and events, and more.

Because RTDS Technologies solely operates and manufactures out of its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Global Representatives are an important and valuable asset for engaging with hundreds of customers across 50+ countries.

RTDS Technologies is proud to partner with these global leaders in power system solutions, and excited to feature their companies in this special blog series.

PROTASIS Engineering & Consulting S.A., headquartered in Athens, Greece was established in 2002 by experienced engineers operating in the Greek Transmission System.

Since its inception, PROTASIS has represented the RTDS Simulator in the region, introducing our technology to customers such as the National Technical University of Athens, who are now industry leaders in power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL).

As a company, PROTASIS delivers expert consulting services and specialized systems solutions for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of electrical energy networks and installations. it offers power systems consultation and acts as a systems integrator for protection, control, and monitoring (PCM); SCADA; substation automation; power management; and smart metering systems on power generation and supply networks.

By combining its expertise in power systems studies, analysis, and consulting with its specialization in field engineering and systems integration, PROTASIS capitalizes on the advantage of having deep knowledge and long experience in both disciplines. PROTASIS can effectively provide its customers with technically superior and commercially competitive services and solutions.

Projects accomplished by PROTASIS include the design of HV substations, substation automation systems (up to 400 kV), industrial PMS and SCADA, smart metering AMI for DSOs and TSOs, as well as studies covering static and dynamic security assessment, transient analysis, harmonic analysis, grid code compliance, CBAs and technical due diligence.

One of the recent featured projects delivered by PROTASIS involves the electrification of the first underwater cable for the interconnection between Crete and Peloponnese. The project includes two underwater cables of 135km each and it is the largest underwater AC interconnection worldwide.

PROTASIS also designed, supplied, and commissioned the Substation Automation Systems of the two 150 kV substations (Peloponnese & Crete), as well as their interface with the supervisory systems of the underwater cables.

Today, with a team of more than 60 professional engineers, PROTASIS serves customers, mainly on a long-term basis, in more than 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Real-Time Digital Simulation in Greece

During our inaugural User Spotlight Series in 2020, Panos Kotsampopoulos from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) presented: “Grid integration of DER supported by PHIL and CHIL simulation: NTUA experience.”

The presentation included NTUA’s best experiences using hardware-in-the-loop simulation, with a focus on power electronic converters and smart grid controllers. Also discussed were the benefits of using PHIL simulation as an advanced method for hands-on and experiential laboratory education.

Connect with our Global Representative in Greece:

Mr. Vassilis L. Georgiou

57B I. Apostolopoulou street,
15231 Chalandri

Phone: +30 210 9561 154
Fax: +30 210 9561 164
E-Mail: vgeorgiou@protasis.net.gr
Website: protasis.net.gr