Learn about the RTDS® Simulator’s representative in Russia

The Meet the Reps series is dedicated to highlighting the outstanding people and companies who represent the RTDS Simulator around the world. Global Reps are involved in distributing the RTDS Simulator, supporting commissioning and training efforts, providing local support to users, attending conferences and events, and more.

Because RTDS Technologies solely operates and manufactures out of its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Global Representatives are an important and valuable asset for engaging with hundreds of customers across 50+ countries.

RTDS Technologies is proud to partner with these global leaders in power system solutions, and excited to feature their companies in this special blog series.

RTDS Technologies is celebrating its ten-year partnership with EnLAB. In 2011, EnLAB began collaborating with RTDS Technologies to bring the RTDS Simulator to Russia. A decade later, EnLAB has helped introduce our robust real-time digital simulation technology across the country — as well as neighbouring regions — and is still going strong.

About EnLAB

EnLAB is engaged in the development, production, and supply of various products intended for research, diagnostics, and testing of secondary electrical equipment. The company also provides engineering and consulting services.

While EnLAB has already helped over a dozen customers secure the RTDS Simulator, it also provides its customers with the PSCAD software package for offline EMT simulation; current and voltage amplifiers, including 4-quadrant amplifiers for PHIL simulation with the RTDS Simulator; and other measurement and testing devices for protection and automation.

In addition to its partnership with RTDS Technologies, EnLAB also partners with Manitoba Hydro International (Canada), Ponovo (China), and Egston Power (Austria).

Real-Time Digital Simulation in Russia

Russia is home a great diversity of customers who are global leaders in real-time simulation, spanning leading utilities, manufactures, and prominent power systems research institutions on the world stage.

Webinars featuring Russian talent

During our inaugural User Spotlight Series in 2020, Aleksandr Zelenin with NTC EES presented “Automatic voltage regulators and power system stabilizers’ digital models verification experience using frequency responses obtained by RTDS.”

This webinar shows how NTC EES used the RTDS Simulator to develop specialized test-bands for frequency response estimations to test different automatic voltage regulators.

Also during the inaugural User Spotlight Series, Dmitrii Blagorazumov with the Moscow Power Engineering Institute presented “Development of the New Method for Transmission of Current and Voltage Measurements in Accordance with IEC 61850 Providing Reduction of the Traffics to the ‘Process Bus’.”

Learn how the Moscow Power Engineering Institute developed a new method for current and voltage measurements transmission to reduce traffic to the process bus.

Competitions led by Russian companies

Helping its local talent flourish, EnLAB conducts an annual all-Russian open competition of student work using the RTDS Simulator, helping Russia’s future workforce become increasingly comfortable with real-time digital simulation.

Other competitions in Russia includes Kaspersky Labs’ cybersecurity contest using the RTDS Simulator.

Watch how the RTDS Simulator was used to investigate power system cybersecurity measures:

To the next ten years and beyond

RTDS Technologies looks forward to many successful projects and important power system developments that come from the application of real-time digital simulation in Russia.

Thank you, EnLAB, for your role in making it all possible!

Connect with our Global Representative in Russia:

Mikhail Shamis, General Director 

428018, Russian Federation, Cheboksary, Nizhegorodskaya st., building 4

Work phone number: +7 (8352) 40 66 26
E-Mail: ennlab@gmail.com, mail@ennlab.ru
Website: ennlab.ru