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RTDS Technologies’ Knowledge Base is an information hub for everything RTDS. Users looking to learn more about real-time digital simulation — and how it benefits customers worldwide — can easily access hundreds of technical publications, product and application info, company newsletters, and event materials all in one place.

Knowledge Base Highlights

Take advantage of the Knowledge Base, and the wealth of information it provides, by browsing category highlights below. You can also search keywords on the main page to find topics that interest you.

1. Technical Publications

The technical publications section provides abstracts and access to various papers that feature the RTDS Simulator and RSCAD. Content is sorted by applications for your convivence.

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2. Applications

The applications section provides detailed summaries of how real-time simulation can be applied across various fields of the power system industry. It includes case studies, diagrams, photos, technical information, and links for further reading. Current users, especially research and academic institutions, might find this section helpful for exploring new application ideas for their existing simulator.

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  • Cybersecurity. Learn about our in-house work interfacing the RTDS Simulator to a third-party communication network simulator (NS-3) and more.
3. Hardware and Software Information

Curious what our hardware and software have to offer? These sections allow users to explore modelling libraries, tools, features, specs, and more.

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  • Substep. Substep has several advantages for power electronic simulation, including no hard limit on the quantity of resistive switches, the option to avoid fictitious losses at higher switching frequencies without decoupling VSCs from the rest of the network, and more nodes allowed per subnetwork.
  • Global Bus Hub. Our Global Bus Hub hardware has gotten an upgrade! When an RTDS Simulator consists of three or more NovaCor chassis or previous-generation racks, a special purpose hub — the Global Bus Hub (GBH) — is required to exchange synchronization signals between each chassis or rack. The GBH allows up to 144 NovaCor chassis to be driven from one common timestep clock.
4. Events

Especially useful for a world that went virtual, the events section provides access to past webinars. This section also contains papers from past User’s Group Meetings and select events.

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  • Webinar: De-risking Microgrids with Real-Time Simulation and HIL Testing
    • In just one hour: Get a background on electromagnetic transient studies and real-time simulation for power systems analysis, a detailed look at the RTDS Simulator’s hardware and software, an overview of models and features developed for the microgrid application, a variety of case studies where hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing was successfully used to validate microgrid control and protection solutions worldwide, and an exciting live demonstration featuring HIL testing of a commercial real-time automation controller connected to a simulated microgrid. Real-time use of communication protocols DNP3 and IEC 61850 GOOSE Messaging will be also demonstrated.
  • Papers: 2019 RTDS Applications & Technology Conference
5. News

The news section contains an archive of RTDS News dating back to 1997! See how we’ve evolved and where we’re headed. Did you know? You can get the latest issues delivered straight to your inbox by registering here.

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