IPST & KIPE Conferences

IPST & KIPE Conferences

Our Simulation Specialists are travelling to Korea for two upcoming conferences!

IPST 2017

Join us at IPST – the International Conference on Power Systems Transients, in Seoul from June 26th to 29th! We are proud to once again be the main sponsors of this event! Stop by our booth during exhibition hours for a demonstration of NovaCor, our new generation of simulation hardware! We are also participating in Technical Session 11B on Real-Time Simulation, taking place on Thursday, June 29th at 10:30am in the New Millennium Hall. Our simulation experts Hui Ding, Yi Zhang, Dinesh Gurusinghe, Dean Ouellette and Ali Dehkordi have all contributed to this technical session through multiple presentations.

KIPE Summer Conference

Our next stop is the Korean Institute of Power Electronics Summer Conference! This annual event is taking place July 4 – 6, 2017 at the Gyeongju Hanwha Resort in Gyeongbuk. Please stop by our booth during exhibition hours where our simulation expert, In-Kwon Park, will be demonstrating NovaCor and the GTFPGA unit, focusing on Power Electronics and STATCOM simulations.

We hope to see you in Korea!