Introducing NovaCor: A New Generation of Simulation Hardware

Introducing NovaCor: A New Generation of Simulation Hardware

RTDS Technologies is proud to introduce NovaCor – a new generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator. Based on a powerful multicore processor, NovaCor is the world’s fastest and most capable real time power system simulator.

Since the introduction of the RTDS Simulator as the world’s first ever real time power system simulator in 1989, the system’s hardware architecture has consisted of processors housed in rack-mounted cards which exchange data over a backplane. The NovaCor platform features an all-new architecture: for the first time ever, the simulator is based on rack-mounted chassis housing a powerful multicore POWER8 processor, designed by IBM to deliver performance for the some of the world’s most demanding workloads. Rapid communication between the ten cores of each processor eliminates the need for backplane data transfer, allowing for much faster and more complex real time power system simulation than ever before.


It’s based on a powerful multicore processor

Each NovaCor chassis features IBM’s state of the art POWER8 processor, containing 10 powerful cores running at 3.5 GHz.

It’s compatible with previous hardware

NovaCor can be connected to GTWIF-based RTDS Simulator racks containing PB5 and/or GPC processor cards. NovaCor is compatible with the existing Global Bus Hub, IRC Switch, and all GTIO hardware.

The NovaCor platform will allow users of the RTDS Simulator to do more with less. In terms of simulated network size and complexity, NovaCor is notably more powerful than the RTDS Simulator’s previous hardware platform, the PB5 Processor Card. The hardware exchange program will allow users who participate in the hardware maintenance program to exchange previous generation RTDS Simulator processing hardware and receive NovaCor hardware at a significantly reduced price.


It’s powerful

Each NovaCor chassis has 2-3 times the simulation capacity of a fully loaded PB5-based rack. Hundreds of nodes can be solved on a single core.

It’s precise

NovaCor provides higher precision real time simulation than ever before, with timesteps reduced by up to 50%.

It’s scalable

NovaCor allows scalable access through the licensing of 1 to a maximum of 10 cores per chassis. Overall system expansion and full connectivity of up to 60 chassis is supported.

It’s accessible

NovaCor allows an entire power system simulation to be run on a single core, making the world standard for real time power system simulation more accessible than ever before.