The RTDS® Simulator’s frequency scan component provides an analytical, offline impedance scan of the simulated network. For a given simulation case, the user specifies the frequency range of interest (between DC and 1 MHz) and the increment level between minimum and maximum.

A button in the Draft module allows the user to invoke a frequency scan prior to running the simulation. This executes a partial compile and computes the system impedance seen from the scanning point over the specified frequency range.

Impedance information is written to a text file and can be given via the lower triangular portion of the phase impedance matrix; the positive, negative, and zero sequence impedance; the d-, q-, and 0-axis impedance; or modified sequence quantities, which are typically useful in systems with a high penetration of power electronic converters. Built-in frequency scanning allows the RTDS Simulator to conveniently aid in identifying and reporting system resonance conditions