Real-time Simulation of Aircraft Electrical Systems

Learn about real-time simulation with experts from RTDS Technologies

Webinar & Demo

Date: April 20, 2022
Time: 9:00 CST

Cost: Free to attend!


What to Expect

Join us for a free webinar on real-time simulation for airplane electrical systems. The RTDS Simulator performs real-time electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation, which allows for efficient and detailed representation of the electric power generation and distribution systems of both conventional and more-electric aircraft (MEA). Real-time simulation also enables the closed-loop testing of control systems such as aircraft GCU, ECS, and APU control, minimizing the risk of device misoperation and failure in this critical environment.

Our demonstration shows the simulation of the AC and DC components of a conventional aircraft electrical system. Learn how the RTDS Simulator’s new Universal Converter Model allows for more accurate, stable, and accessible simulation of onboard power electronics, including a transformer rectifier unit (TRU), dual-active bridge for DC bus voltage conversion, and inverter-driven loads. Take a look at various other models available in RSCAD that support the simulation of aircraft electrical systems, including electric machines (synchronous generators, permanent magnet synchronous machines, induction machines, DC machines), linear and non-linear loads, and batteries.

What to expect:

  • Overview of aircraft electrical system characteristics
  • Details on relevant RSCAD models including the Universal Converter Model for power electronics
  • Watch a real-time aircraft simulation demo via RSCAD screenshare
  • Q&A with a simulation specialist
Note: This webinar does not include a detailed introduction to electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation or real-time operation. To learn more about these topics, listeners should watch this short video before joining.


Sherry (Xianghua) Shi
Simulation Specialist, Power Electronics with RTDS Technologies

Bio: Sherry Shi received the B. Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation and M.Sc. degree in Power Electronics and Power Drives from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China, and received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Manitoba, Canada. In 2019, she joined RTDS Technologies Inc. as a Simulation Specialist in the Simulation & Analytical Study Group. She is a registered EIT in Engineers and Geoscientists Manitoba, Canada. Her research interests include controls, designs and simulations in power electronics, power systems and HVDC transmission systems.

KatiKati Sidwall
Technical Marketing Lead with RTDS Technologies

Bio: Kati Sidwall holds a B.Eng in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering from Carleton University, Canada. She founded the annual Carleton University Green Energy Symposium in 2010. In 2012, she received the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Emerging Leader Award. She currently serves as a Simulation Specialist at RTDS Technologies Inc.

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