Black Box Control Integration with the RTDS Simulator

Learn about the GTSOC–the NEW auxiliary hardware for black box control integration with the RTDS® Simulator

What to Expect


Webinar description

Join us for a free webinar on exciting new capabilities in real-time simulation: the inclusion of black box control models. The GTSOC, a new auxiliary hardware for the RTDS Simulator, facilitates the deterministic integration of vendor control models into the real-time power system simulation while protecting intellectual property. The GTSOC features a powerful FPGA board with multi-processor system-on-a-chip technology to support this challenging application. The ability to black-box vendor controls and include them in a hardware-in-the-loop testbed is increasingly important for interoperability testing and de-risking inverter-based resources on the modern grid.

This webinar will include a demonstration in collaboration with SMA Solar Technology AG, an inverter vendor. A black box version of SMA’s proprietary controller has been implemented on the GTSOC. In the demo, watch how the GTSOC running SMA’s controls is used to control battery energy storage system (BESS) inverters in the real-time simulation.


KatiKati Sidwall
Technical Marketing Lead with RTDS Technologies

Bio: Kati Sidwall holds a B.Eng in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering from Carleton University, Canada. She founded the annual Carleton University Green Energy Symposium in 2010. In 2012, she received the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Emerging Leader Award. She currently serves as the Technical Marketing Lead at RTDS Technologies Inc.


Christian Hardt
Business Unit Large Scale & Project Solutions System Architect with SMA Solar Technology

Bio: Christian Hardt holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from “Gerhard-Mercator Universität” Duisburg. Chris has led several research projects around the development of a novel generation of AC coupled Photovoltaic Off Grid systems. Today, Chris works as a system architect, a team lead for R&D Control systems Central inverters, and a development engineer for both “Modelling and Control systems Central Inverters and Off Grid systems.”

SMA Solar Technology AG continues to stride forward with their groundbreaking inverter technology that makes renewable resources more reliable to control, operate, and maintain. SMA was founded in 1981 in Niestetal, Germany and now has a presence in over 20 countries.


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