User Spotlight Series:
Week 11

What to Expect

The User Spotlight Series was a webinar-based event that showcased the work of RTDS Simulator Users worldwide every week from September to November 2020. You can now watch the series on demand below! Each webinar includes two 20-minute presentations from users, followed by a live Q&A, plus commentary from RTDS Technologies. Adapted from our popular in-person User’s Group Meetings, the virtual User Spotlight Series is your opportunity to hear user success stories, learn about their challenges, and explore new applications.

Week 11: User Spotlight Series

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SEL POWERMAX Validation using RTDS

Presenters: Asad Mohammad, Schweitzer Engineering Labs

Abstract: SEL’s PowerMAX control system runs 24/7 in several different facilities where down time is critical for their operations and safety. As an engineering solution for power system stability and power management systems, the efficient design of the control systems is crucial before it can be deployed out into the field. With the help of HIL testing in RTDS, SEL is able to validate the performance of the control system and pre-design parameters in a lab environment. This presentation demonstrates HIL testing for an isolated facility where down time cannot be compromised. RTDS HIL interfacing allowed pre-tuning the controls of generator governor and AVR before being commissioned on site with minimal changes to the tuning parameters in addition to the settings of the PowerMAX control system and protection.

​Bio: Asad Mohammad received his bachelor of engineering degree from GITAM COE (Affl AU), India in 2011 and his master of engineering degree from University of Idaho, USA in 2017. Asad previously worked designing EHV indoor substations and transmission systems. Currently, Asad works as a Project Engineer- studies with the Special Protection System (SPS) group of SEL ES. Asad has been with SEL for about four years working as a power system engineer studying various microgrid systems for power system stability and protection. Asad has worked on several projects for microgrids ranging from oil and gas to mines, chemical plants, universities etc. and is very familiar with HIL testing.

Experiences with using the RTDS Simulator as a Tool in University Undergraduate Teaching

Presenter: Bruce Rigby, etalumiSe

Abstract: Bruce Rigby is currently an RTDS Technologies Representative but prior to that he spent many years at a university and, during that time, made extensive use of RTDS simulators for both research and teaching activities. In this presentation Bruce will describe his experience in using RTDS simulators in a variety of ways to support undergraduate teaching.

The main focus of the presentation will be to share some approaches that were found to be successful when using RTDS simulators for final-year undergraduate thesis projects in electrical protection and power system control applications that involved closed-loop, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) implementations by the students. It was found that with a well-structured initial training approach it was possible to get final-year undergraduate students to master the concepts of RTDS simulation and HIL testing on an intentionally-simple protective relay and then for them to progress to tackling considerably more-advanced, open-ended protection and control projects in a self-directed manner appropriate for final-year project work. The presentation will take the example of transmission line distance protection to illustrate the approach taken in guiding the students from initial, closely-supervised training on the simulator through to open-ended, self-directed work on HIL-connected protection and control systems.

The presentation will also discuss some application examples where the RTDS simulator was found useful for live demonstrations, either during senior undergraduate classes or during professional training courses and seminars for practicing engineers.

Bio:  Bruce Rigby has many years’ experience in the use of real-time simulators for university teaching and research, as well as for applied testing and investigations for the power industry in the fields of electrical protection, power system stability and control. He is currently the Simulator Specialist at etalumiSe (Pty.) Ltd. and was formerly the Technical Manager of the Real Time Power Systems Studies Centre at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa.