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All IEEE PES delegates are welcome to join us
as we showcase our latest products & services!

It’s been a two-year hiatus, but join us in Denver! Network with industry professionals, watch live demos, connect with other delegates while rockin’ out to good tunes. Food and drink will be available and prizes can be won each night. Scroll down for more info!

Event Details

Monday, July 18,  8 PM–10 PM

Tuesday, July 19,  7 PM–10 PM

Hacienda Restaurant

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

Connect with Experts

RTDS Technologies

The RTDS® Simulator uses highly customized proprietary hardware and software, developed specifically for real-time power system simulation by our team at RTDS Technologies. Through our deep product knowledge we support our users in ways other simulator providers can’t.

Nayak Corporation

Experts in power systems transients modeling, and power & controller hardware testing using the real-time digital simulator.


Offering limitless possibilities in power system simulation—Including a comprehensive library of system models ranging from simple passive elements & control functionsto electric machines and other complex devices.

Hospitality Suite Theme:
Rockin' Out in the Rockies

It’s been a two-year hiatus, but join us in Denver! We’re excited to reconnect with you for “Rockin’ Out in the Rockies”, a rock n’ roll themed hospitality suite for the IEEE PES General Meeting.

Stop by the Hacieneda Restaurant July 18, from 8 PM-10 PM or July 19, from 7 PM-10 PM for fun prizes, food, and music energized by love for rock n’ roll.

Whip out your air guitar and shred to rock oldies with us—you might just win a rad prize.

Some "Suite" Details

Swag & Prizes

Stop by and stock up on some suite prizes and swag from our hospitality booth this year! This year’s swag and prizes will be rock n’ roll inspired—party on, Wayne!

Rock N' Roll

Let your hair down and rock out to some classic rock n’ roll at our hospitality suite this year. We’ll be playing rock classics from bands like AC DC, Electric Light Orchestra, Bon Jovi, & more!

Food & Drink

Dive into fun, rock n’ roll band inspired food & drink like, the Red Hot Chili Peppers Wings, Meatloaf, or ice “CREAM”. It’ll be headbangin’ good.