CIRED 2023 – Booth D41 – Demos, Networking, & More!

The front of the La Nuvola in Rome


June 12–15, 2023

La Nuvola

Rome, Italy

Booth D41

Real-time Simulation: Creating a Future of Clean Energy

See you at this year’s CIRED Conference, a leading Forum for the Electricity Distribution Community! Head over to Booth D41 for exclusive presentations on the developments for real-time simulation from June 12–15.

This year’s CIRED takes place in Rome, Italy inside the iconic and beautiful La Nuvola. 

We look forward to seeing you at CIRED 2023! 


Kati Sidwall
Technical Marketing Manager | Marketing

Kati Sidwall holds a B.Eng in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering from Carleton University, Canada. She founded the annual Carleton University Green Energy Symposium in 2010. In 2012, she received the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Emerging Leader Award. She currently serves as the Technical Marketing Lead at RTDS Technologies Inc.


Udeesha Samarasekera
Technical Sales Engineer | Marketing & Sales

Udeesha Samarasekera received her B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada in 2013. She received a M.A.Sc in electrical engineering from University of Toronto, Canada in 2015. In 2013 and 2015 Udeesha won the CIGRE Canada best student paper award for her work on fault location estimation techniques on transmission lines under high dc offset and sub-harmonic conditions, and for her master’s work on hybrid HVDC transmission with LCC and multi-terminal full bridge MMC converter technology, respectively. Following graduation, Udeesha joined RTDS Technologies Inc as a Simulation Specialist in the customer support department. She was involved in technical support, commissioning the RTDS at customer sites, providing RTDS training courses, and model development.  As of 2022, Udeesha serves as a Technical Sales Engineer at RTDS technologies Inc. Udeesha is a registered professional engineer in the province of Manitoba.

The GTSOC, a new auxiliary hardware for the RTDS Simulator, facilitates the deterministic integration of vendor control models into the real-time power system simulation while protecting intellectual property.

The GTSOC features a powerful FPGA board with multi-processor system-on-a-chip technology to support this challenging application.

The ability to black-box vendor controls and include them in a hardware-in-the-loop testbed is increasingly important for interoperability testing and de-risking inverter-based resources on the modern grid.


Real-time simulation is changing the game for power system professionals. Join us at our booth to discuss the latest advancements in real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing, and learn how forward-thinking users around the globe are applying this technology.

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Improve Performance of 
Distribution Automation Systems

The RTDS Simulator allows real distribution system assets to be connected to the simulated grid in a closed loop for safe and comprehensive testing, and optimization prior to deployment.

De-risk HVDC
& FACTS Devices

The RTDS Simulator is used by all of the major HVDC & FACTS manufacturers to perform Factory Systems Testing of their control systems, and by utilities to support the pre-commissioning process and de-risk changes through the project’s lifetime.

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De-risk WAMPAC Systems
by Simulating PMUs

The RTDS Simulator can stream  IEC/IEEE 60255-118-1 compliant synchrophasor data to an external PDC for testing wide area protection and control schemes.

De-risk Deployment
of New Protection Systems

The RTDS Simulator allows protection equipment to be subjected to virtually all possible faults and operating conditions in a controlled, flexible environment.



June 12, 2023

9:00 AM – 8:00 PM CEST


June 13, 2023

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM CEST


June 14, 2023

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM CEST


June 15, 2023

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM CEST

As the premier international conference in the field, CIRED 2023 focuses on addressing the challenges and advancements in electricity distribution systems. The conference provides a platform for participants to share their expertise, present research findings, and discuss practical experiences related to the planning, operation, control, and protection of electrical networks.

With a comprehensive program covering a wide range of topics, including network resilience, renewable energy integration, smart grid technologies, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and grid automation, CIRED 2023 aims to highlight the latest developments and trends shaping the future of electricity distribution.

Delegates attending CIRED 2023 can expect an engaging and insightful experience through keynote speeches, technical sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference fosters collaboration and encourages the exchange of ideas between industry professionals, academics, policy-makers, and researchers, with the aim of driving innovation and sustainable practices in the electricity distribution sector.