CIGRE Symposium Ljubljana

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Learn about real-time simulation with experts from RTDS Technologies

Event Details

Dates: November 21 – 24, 2021
Timezone: Central Europe Standard Time (GMT+1)
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia or Virtual

What to Expect

As Smart Sponsors of CIGRE Symposium Ljubljana, we look forward to connecting with you. Visit the RTDS Technologies booth to learn more about our technology, or attend our paper presentation.

“Real-time simulation for validating power system modernization technologies: a summary of global experience”

Presenter: Kati Sidwall
Date: Monday, November 22, Session 2 from 11:00 – 9:20 AM
Session: SC B5 -Protection and automation (1)

Presenter Bio

Kati Sidwall 
Technical Marketing Lead with RTDS Technologies

Bio: Kati Sidwall holds a B.Eng in Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering from Carleton University, Canada. She founded the annual Carleton University Green Energy Symposium in 2010. In 2012, she received the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s Emerging Leader Award. She currently serves as a Simulation Specialist at RTDS Technologies Inc.


With the rapid deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) and their associated converters and controls, the interconnection of different regional grids via high-voltage AC or DC links, together with increased reliance on smart and microgrid technologies, today’s power system is becoming increasingly complex. The growing need for special protection and control systems as well as other new technologies to effectively manage the modern grid means the need for high-fidelity testing tools also continues to grow. The anticipation of vulnerabilities in power, protection, and control equipment is more difficult and critical than ever before. The interactions and behaviours of AC and DC systems, low-inertia systems, and multi-vendor devices must be considered, and the depth and breadth of power systems studies must increase. Real time simulators provide a unique opportunity to fully de-risk these power system modernization technologies in a controlled, simulated environment via hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. HIL testbeds, consisting of an electromagnetic transient simulation of the power system connected to physical power system hardware, have been leveraged worldwide to validate the behaviour and interaction of devices prior to deployment. This paper provides examples of the application of real time simulation by electric utilities, manufacturers, and research institutions to de-risking the transition to future power systems while increasing stability and resilience.