CIGRE Paris Session 2022

Discover New Applications for Real-Time Digital Simulation!

Event Details

August 28 – September 2, 2022

Le Palais des Congrès de Paris

2 Place de la Porte Maillot

Booth S334

Event Program

What to Expect

We’re back for the CIGRE Biennial Session held in Paris from Sunday, August 28 to Friday, September 2.

As one of the largest leading global events for power system experts, the CIGRE Paris Session is an opportunity for us to show you the critical role real-time digital simulation plays in power system protection and automation.
Stop by booth S334 for two exclusive demonstrations on:
  • SEL 421 Relay with SV & GOOSE Messaging
  • Auxiliary Hardware for Real-Time Black Box Control—GTSOC v1

Two Exciting Hardware-in-the-Loop Demonstrations

Feeder Protection Testing
via IEC 61850 with SV Manipulation

This hardware-in-the-loop setup features a feeder protection relay operating on IEC 61850 Sample Values & GOOSE Messaging!

We’ll be demonstrating our new Sampled Values Manipulation capabilities which will run on a GTFPGA Unit to introduce non-genuine and non-ideal SV streams to the relay. We’ll then assess its response to the various communication vulnerabilities.

We’ll also be demonstrating our newest GOOSE Messaging component, the GSE v7, which comes with enhanced capabilities and an all-new IED Configuration Tool!

Auxiliary Hardware for Real-Time Black Box Control

Join us as we demo our newest piece of hardware for real-time simulation—the GTSOC! This unit features an FPGA board with multi-processor system-on-a-chip technology to facilitate the integration of black box control models into the real-time simulation.

In this demonstration, we’ll show you how the GTSOC allows for convenient and deterministic integration of black box controllers into the real-time simulation environment, which protects the vendor’s IP.

As power systems become more complex and dominated by converter-based technologies, the ability to accurately model the behaviour of control and protection devices is critically important. Interoperability of devices from different manufacturers and surrounding power systems can be validated via real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

CIGRE Paris Session Exhibition Hours

Day 1: Monday, August 29, 09:00hrs – 20:00hrs

Day 2: Tuesday, August 30, 09:00hrs – 18:00hrs

Day 3: Wednesday, August 31, 09:00hrs – 18:00hrs

Day 4: Thursday, September 1, 09:00hrs – 18:00hrs

Day 5: Friday, September 2, 09:00hrs – 18:00hrs

The CIGRE Biennial Session is held in Paris, France in even number years. It is the number one global power system event in the world, bringing together some 9000 power industry participants from over 90 countries, including 3500 international experts and other decision-makers. This is a unique week long interactive opportunity. Over 160 working meetings, over 30 Study Committee sessions and around 400 papers focus on and discuss the association’s 16 fields of activities.”