ACDC 2019 ~ February 5 – 7, 2019 ~ Coventry, UK

Stop by our booth to learn about our GTFPGA MMC models capable of modelling up to 1024 SM per valve with half, full and mixed topology. We will be demoing the HVDC point to point and DC grid systems developed by CIGRE working groups. See NovaCor’s ability to model large DC grids on a single NovaCor chassis!

Also learn about our new simulation environment Substep for HVDC and power electronics applications. Made possible by the computing power of NovaCor, Substep will allow modelling networks of a certain size with a time step much smaller then our Mainstep while also performing matrix decomposition in real time. This will support pure resistive switching for all switching elements and therefore support higher switching frequency, clean waveforms and low losses!

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