China User’s Group Meeting a huge success

China User’s Group Meeting a huge success

RTDS Technologies would like to thank everyone who attended or contributed to our 2015 China User’s Group Meeting (UGM), helping to make it a huge success. The meeting took place from November 9 to 11, in Beijing, China – a global hub for power systems research and development – and provided a forum for users of the RTDS Simulator to share their work, hear about many exciting new applications of the Simulator, participate in RTDS Technologies staff-led presentations and tutorials, and make connections with other users. Over 120 RTDS Simulator users attended our 2015 China UGM.


Over the three days, participants experienced a wide variety of presentations describing interesting applications of the RTDS Simulator. Each day was kicked off with a keynote speech to engage and energize the crowd, the topics of which included applications of the Simulator in Southern China’s AC/DC power grid, closed-loop testing of relays using the Simulator, and the simulation of alternate electrical power systems containing renewable energy technology.

The meeting also featured over twenty different user presentations from a wide variety of Simulator users from Chinese electric power utilities, power system equipment manufacturers, universities, and research institutions. This diversity in user perspective created an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing between those involved in different facets of the power industry. User presentation topics included the simulation of modular multi-level converter-based (MMC-based) HVDC schemes, the application of an extreme fault in a multi-HVDC infeed power grid, factory testing of a scheme looping back-to-back LCC and MMC HVDC systems, the use of the Simulator for intelligent substation testing, railway system simulation, and power-hardware-in-the-loop simulation of a UPFC system, and much more. A list of presentations available can be found here, or is available in the client area of our website.

The UGM also featured presentations by RTDS Technologies staff, focusing mostly on recent hardware and software developments and new applications of the RTDS Simulator. Special topics included power-hardware-in-the-loop studies, applications of the network interface card for communicating with external equipment over a LAN,  and MMC applications. RTDS Technologies also hosted a full afternoon tutorial and demo of power electronics simulation.


As is customary during our User’s Group Meetings around the world, attendees enjoyed an evening network event, including a theatrical show and dinner.

RTDS Technologies holds User’s Group Meetings in China, North America, Europe, and – for the first time in January 2016 – in Africa. RTDS Simulator users and all power system colleagues interested in real time digital power system simulation are welcome to attend. Check the RTDS Technologies events page for updates on meetings in your area. We hope to see you there!