Remote work, on-site staff, and building expansions

The RTDS Technologies office looks different today than it did one year ago. For some, it’s a sunny cottage, a kitchen table, or a spare bedroom. But for those not working from home, two brand-new conference rooms have sprung up, while a roomy 13,975-square foot expansion has been added to the building’s southern end (see photo to the right).

Construction is progressing nicely, with roof trusses, decking, walls, and window frames in place. By June 2021, RTDS Technologies is slated to take over construction and develop the interior, drastically increasing our capacity for production and R&D.

Keeping pace with customer demand

Elsewhere inside RTDS Technologies, the two new conference rooms have allowed staff to host an abundance of remote commissioning, training, and events — helping keep business running as usual. Over the last 12 months, we’ve held 16 webinars, and hosted approximately 25 commissioning and training sessions to meet customer demand. (Don’t miss our next: Webinar and Demo: HIL Testing a Fault Interrupter with a Distribution Feeder Model.) When it’s safe to do so, we’re looking forward to offering in-person training and commissioning once again — and connecting with others at conferences across globe.

Staff adapt to changes

“I’ve been mostly working from home for a number of months now. As a result, I have upgraded from a cubicle to my very own office with a window! And the coffee is really good, with the recent purchase of an espresso machine. I work with wonderful people and I miss seeing them in person every day. With video chat, email, and messaging, I have been able to easily communicate with the colleagues I work closely with, and with VPN I can still connect to our hardware in the office and continue my work as usual.”

– Melanie Brawdy, Simulation Engineer with Technical Support

While most of our staff works from home, a skeleton staff comes into the office to assemble orders, organize shipping, and do other essential work. For those who must go in, we’ve implemented social distancing markers, sanitization stations, and a mask policy.

“Since March, I’ve spent most days at the office. With only a limited amount of staff in the office, these days are much quieter than I’m used to (being in HR!), but I’m glad that I can safely come to work each day and still have some human interaction from six feet apart. Aside from a quieter lunchroom and meetings now held over Zoom, it’s been business as usual.”

– Claudia Marcaida, Human Resources Manager

While the past year has been unusual, business has been anything but. We’re proud to have hardworking staff deliver support and services to our loyal customers, all while we continue to grow as a company and world-leading provider for real-time digital simulation.