De-risk and validate smart grid technologies with hardware-in-the-loop testing

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Improve performance and decrease deployment time of smart grid projects with real-time simulation

“Smart grid” encompasses a range of technologies that enable a modernized, digital grid: communication protocols, distributed energy resources, wide area control, and more. 

The RTDS Simulator allows engineers to model the behaviour of power systems over a large frequency range in real time. This allows real smart grid devices to be connected to the simulated grid in a closed loop for safe and comprehensive testing – and optimization – prior to deployment. This is called “hardware-in-the-loop” or HIL testing.

HIL testing allows for validation of smart grid technologies in a safe and controlled lab environment

  • DERMS, DMS, and SCADA systems
  • Renewable energy control
  • PMU-based wide area monitoring, protection, and control systems

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Achieve superior resilience through HIL testing of microgrid protection and control.

Simulate and stream synchrophasor data in real time to test WAMPAC schemes.

Improve the performance of distribution automation systems and DERMS.

Perform closed-loop testing of control and protection via communication protocols.