Prevent and survive cyber and cyber-physical attacks

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The safest, most controllable way to simulate cyber incidents

The RTDS Simulator is used worldwide as a crucial component of cybersecurity testbeds, in which the simulated power system can be connected to real protection, control, and measurement equipment and subjected to both intentional and unintentional attacks. This provides a realistic, flexible, and contained environment for the validation of energy system security technologies.

Cybersecurity project opportunities​

Cyber and physical fault injection analysis

Coordinated cyber-physical attack assessment

Testing of PMU operation with low-integrity data

Benign and malicious control action analysis

GPS spoofing detection and mitigation studies

State estimation robustness studies

Quantum cryptography applications

Contingency-based shipboard power system reconfiguration

Man in the Middle (MITM) attack simulation

Denial of Service (DoS) attack simulation