2018 European UGM

Abstracts now being accepted!

We are excited to be bringing the 2018 User’s Group Meeting to Belgium!
Join us October 10 & 11 at Energyville in Genk, Belgium for this can’t-miss event!

We’re looking for RTDS Simulator users to share their work, experiences and accomplishments at this year’s User’s Group Meeting! If you have a project that the RTDS Simulator has played a key role in, we’d love to hear about it! Your participation not only help us as we continually develop new features and technologies, but it helps other users and inspires them to explore new applications!

Interested? Email christine@rtds.com to submit your abstract! All abstracts should be a brief, one or two paragraphs, describing the presentation. There is no paper requested. In addition to the abstract, please send a colour photograph and a brief biography. This information will be published in the event program. 

Visit our Event Page for more information or to register!

2016 European UGM Presentations

The National HVDC Centre: Overview of the National HVDC Centre and the Caithness-Moray HVDC project
Siemens: Use of RTDS at Siemens AG HVDC / FACTS
PNDC: Validating a Wide Area Grid Frequency Control System using P-HiL
Delft University of Technology: Fault Anticipation in Distribution Networks by RTDS
University of Strathclyde: Real-time Multi-rate Co-simulation for Power System Studies
University of Strathclyde:  Studies of dynamic interactions in hybrid ac-dc grid under different fault conditions using real time digital simulation
University of Strathclyde: Realistic communications emulation for real-time power system simulation
GE Grid Solutions: Development and Implementation of Test Systems for Protection Schemes using the RTDS Simulator
Aalborg University:  Design and Analysis of Harmonic Compensation for Wind Power Plants using RTDS
Cardiff University: Frequency Support from HVDC systems to AC grids modelled using RTDS
Cardiff University: Subsynchronous Resonance testing and damping in an AC/DC network using real-time hardware-in-the-loop framework
Technical University of Denmark: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Test of Demand as Frequency Controlled Reserve (DFR)
Clemson University: Real-Time Simulation and Modern Power System Operational Studies