2017 China User’s Group Meeting

2017 RTDS Technologies China User’s Group Meeting

RTDS Technologies thanks you for your interest in our popular User’s Group Meeting in China! The 2017 China User’s Group Meeting took place October 25, 26 & 27  in Beijing, China.This was an incredible opportunity to connect with other users of the RTDS Simulator, explore new applications and stay informed on new developments. The event was open to all users, regardless of location, and to all power industry colleagues who are interested in real time digital power system simulation. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did!

Enjoy pictures from the event below. If you would like a higher resolution version of a photo or a pdf copy of any of presentations listed in the agenda below, please contact christine@rtds.com, or reach out to us the the WeChat group.

Schedule of Events

 Wednesday, October 25 Thursday, October 26 Friday, October 27
0800-0815Welcome Address
Rick Kuffel • RTDS Technologies Inc.
Yi Zhang • RTDS Technologies Inc.
0830-0915Keynote Speech: Application of RTDS in CSG Main Power Grid
Shuyong Li • CSG
0830-0915Keynote Speech: Analysis and Control of Sub - Synchronous
Oscillation in Wind Power System
Xiaorong Xie • Tsinghua University
0815-0900Keynote Speech: Control Hardware in Loop Testing and Verification of Large UHV AC and DC Power Systems
Feng Xue • NARI
0915-09:45RTDS Presentation 4 : Real Time Simulation of Electronized Power System
Yi Zhang & Hui Ding • RTDS Technologies Inc
0915-0945RTDS Presentation 6: Evaluation of the Accuracy of the RTDS VSC Models in Frequency Scanning for Sub-Synchronous Interaction Studies
Yi Zhang, Hui Ding • RTDS Technologies Inc.
0900-0930RTDS Presentation 1: Introducing NovaCorTM - A Revolution in Real Time Simulation
Rick Kuffel • RTDS Technologies Inc.
09:45 - 10:15RTDS Presentation 5: Release Announcement of Generic Power Electronic Solver (GPES)
Hui Ding, Yuan Chen & Yi Zhang • RTDS Technologies Inc
0945-1015User Presentation 14: Subsychronous Oscillation Analysis of Wind Farm with Direct-Driven Generators
Peng Zhang • North China Electric Power University
0930-0945Open Discussion 1015-1030Open discussion1015-1030Open Discussion
0945-1015Tea Break1030-1045Tea break1030-1045Tea Break
1015-1045User Presentation 1:Application of RTDS on Machine-Network Coordination Characteristic Research in China Southern Power Grid
Yuan Yi • CSG
1045-1115User Presentation 8: RTDS Simulation Application in NR Electric
Jian-an Wang• NR Electric Co., Ltd.
1045-1115User Presentation 15: Simulation Analysis of Sub-Synchronous
Oscillation in Grid Integrated with Wind Power

Peng Xu • North China Electric Power Research Institution
User Presentation 2: Portable RTDS Simulation Platform for AVR Field Performance Testing
Hao Liang • North China Electric Power Research Institute
1115-1145User Presentation 9: Real-time Simulation Application in Sifang
Kai Zhai • Sifang
1115-1145User Presentation 16: RTDS Applications at Inner Mongolia EPRI
Yunmin Wang • Inner Mongolia EPRI
1115-1145User Presentation 3: Application and Development of RTDS in Guangdong EPRI
Ranran An • Guangdong EPRI
1145-1215User Presentation 10: RTDS Real-time Simulation Equipment in XJ Application
Xueji Jing • XJ Group
1145-1215User Presentation 17: RTDS Applications at DEC
Shu Jun • Dongfang Electric Corporation
1145-1200Open Discussion 1215-1330Lunch1215-1230Open Discussion
1200-1330Lunch1330-1400User Presentation 11: Application of RTDS in Simulation of UHVDC Transmission Systems in SGCC Network
Yajun Lu • BDCC
1330-1430RTDS Presentation 2: New Developments in Protection and Automation
Eric Xu • RTDS Technologies Inc.
1400-1430User Presentation 12: Modeling and Simulating Large Scale
Control Systems with Simulink and CBuilder

Pengpeng Zhou • Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd
1400-1430RTDS Presentation 7: New Developments:
Microgrid, Distribution modeling and PHIL

Yuefeng Liang • RTDS Technologies Inc.
1430-1500User Presentation 4: Successful Application of RTDS Simulator: Experiences at KETOP Testing Technology
Wei Wang • Xuchang KETOP Testing Technology Co., Ltd
1430-1500User Presentation 13: Development and Application of CBuilder Based RTDS MMC System for Luxi Back-to-bacl Asynchronous Interconnection HVDC Project
Guangqiang Peng • CSG EHV
1430-1530RTDS Presentation 8: New Developments: Aurora Protocol
Yuan Chen • RTDS Technologies Inc.
1500-1530User Presentation 5: STATCOM APPLICATIONS AT XIHARI
Chongfu Xu • XIHARI
1500-1530Open Discussion
1530-1600Tea Break1620Depart for Lao She Tea House
1600-1630User Presentation 6: Wind farm AVC and SVG coordinate
control simulation platform based RTDS

Tang Yonghong • State Grid Sichuan Power Research Institute
Lao She Tea House
1630-1700User Presentation 7: Extension and Application of RTDS-based Hybrid Simulation to a “Big” Power System and a “Small” Energy System
Shuqing Zhang • Tsinghua University
Lao She Tea House
1700-1730RTDS Presentation 3: PSCAD/RSCAD Conversion
Yue Chen • RTDS Technologies Inc.
1730-1800Open Discussion
1900-2100 Welcome Banquet & Group Photo


Grand Skylight Catic Hotel
Yunhai Meeting Room A

18 Beichen East Road
Beijing  100101
P.R. China
+86 10 8497 1188