The World Standard for Real Time Power System Simulation

Recent Developments!

At RTDS Technologies, we are continuously developing our hardware and software capabilities in response to needs expressed by our clients. Our most recent developments include the release of the GTNETx2 card - our latest generation of the Gigabit Transceiver Network Interface card; the Fiber Enhanced Backplane, which reduces the communication time and in turn has allowed the network solution size to be increased to 90 nodes; and the 61850 MMS Voyageur program, which was developed to support communication testing of IEC 61850 server devices. Check out our Highlight page for more information.


We're Hiring!

RTDS Technologies is hiring a technician to join our production team! This position involves the participation in the installation of electrical components in cubicles and the assembly of electrical, computer and other hardware components. The successful candidate should have technical skills relating to electrical and computer hardware. Completion of an electrical technician course would be an asset. Interested applicants should send an email to Diana by Tuesday, September 2, 2014.